Rydges Hotel - Wellington Airport | by Darryn George

Haere - Darryn George.png

The Darryn George collection of rugs at Wellington Airport will take you on a full circle journey.

Arriving at the Rydges Hotel Wellington you will experience the largest ‘welcome mat’ you have ever set foot on. The words “Haere Mai” mean to welcome. Interesting to note is that “Haere” on itself in Maori language means to move, to travel, to come and go. Which is the essence of what happens in an airport.

Walking onwards, you will become a passenger of the 28 metres runner. Words and patterns become the vessel that transport you over water and clouds, like a flying waka.

The Puhoro pattern represents speed, power, swiftness and agility. In Maori culture it is common to find a Puhoro design on the front of fast moving vessels.

Soft shapes inspired by Maori tukutuku weaving repeat under your feet like a pedestrian crossing made out of clouds and waves seen from above.

The recurring word “Hikoi” embodies the journey taken with confident strides.

Once at the foyer a set of vibrant rugs will indicate that you have arrived. Strong geometrical shapes derived from Tukutuku weavings in Maori meeting rooms provide a nice sight line when viewed from a distance. The line elements on the edges are a continuation of the central runner design.

After the stay at the Rydges Hotel Wellington the “Haere” rug that first welcomed you will now wish you “Haere Ra” - good-bye, farewell.

Rydges hotel foyer rugs.

Rydges hotel foyer rugs.

Words by dilana in collaboration with Darryn George.