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dilana workshop June 2018

dilana workshop June 2018

study for floor 1600 x 5000 | martin poppelwell


Words by martin poppelwell


"the drawing for this rug was developed from 3 dimensional tiles made from earthenware, white slip and then drawn upon with black stain and chrome oxide. i have discovered that this process introduces a tactile and organic element to what is essentially a raised, textured and flat object.

thus the edges are almost straight, there are splotches of green indicating areas to draw around and the red areas are where the slip missed the clay. the off white is the colour of the finished piece

by working like this i can kind of leave the outcome to chance and therefore the ‘enlargement’ is a by product of making and drawing. 

the ‘disfunctional’ open grid built to behave like both a plan and an elevation, and could be an ongoing pile / stack of nameless things that we are surrounded by.

it is also a way of me thinking about passing the time,…but not too rapidly.